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Competition Mix – 20KG


Competition Mix is the most popular formulation for serious competitors, providing your horse with fast release energy from our locally sourced cereals and oats.

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Product Description

The muesli contains increased levels of minerals (including electrolytes) to cope with the unique demands of competition. Competition Mix provides your competition horse with a tailored package of nutrients to support all levels of competition. The feed is packed full of antioxidants, B vitamins and our own locally grown and quality controlled ingredients.

Ideal for:
• Providing fuel for optimum performance from precisely cooked cereals and quality protein for muscle fuel, development and strength
• Feeding your horse a fortified package of tailored electrolytes for hydration and recovery after training and competitions
• Long term health and vitality
• Giving your horse the necessary energy, sparkle and oomph for his work

Analytical Constituents:

Estimated DE 11.5MJ/kg
Crude Protein 12.0%
Crude Oils and Fats 3.5%
Crude Fibre 11.0%
Crude Ash 8.0%
Copper 35 mg/kg
Sodium 0.4%
Lysine 5.5 g/kg
Potassium 0.9%
Vitamin B1 12 mg/kg
Vitamin B2 4.5 mg/kg
Vitamin B12 0.02 mg/kg
Biotin 0.9 mg/kg
Vitamin A 12,000 iu/kg
Vitamin D 1,400 iu/kg
Vitamin E 340 mg/kg