The fruit season normally starts mid to late June and finishes late July, early August. Each year can be different. We do not use a booking system as we could never be sure to have ripe fruit on a given day or time. Opening days and times are posted in the table below during the season this information is updated regularly.

We grow a range of soft fruit including Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants. Strawberries often start around Wimbledon week and last approximately six weeks. Raspberries and currants a little later but each year is different, depending on the weather. Please check the list below (during the season) for the latest updates.

During peak season we sell Longley Farm cream, Yummy Yorkshire ice cream and Stickeys Honey.


Information updated 1.00pm 10/06/2024


The continued cool and unsettled weather means our Strawberry season is late this year. We expect to start late June. Opening information will be posted here as soon as we know and throughout the season.


Raspberries season begins late June or early July. All opening information is posted here during the season.


Blackcurrants season begins early July. All opening information is posted here during the season.


Redcurrant season begins mid July. All opening information is posted here during the season.

TOP TIP: For the best tasting fruit, pick it ripe.

Most fruit you buy pre-picked is harvested just before it’s ready so it will last longer in the shop. Picking your own means you are in control of quality and can pick fruit which has fully ripened on the plant. This allows the natural sugars to develop, which improves the flavour.

The availability of different fruits will vary so please check the list above to see if your chosen fruit can be picked today. The information provided is updated regularly throughout the picking season.

Picking Tips

Containers are provided with a bag to take away. Look round before starting to pick as the best fruit is often further away and many pickers start at the nearest point.

The availability of fruit is not guaranteed, this can vary according to the time of season, time of day, weather and number of customers. Please check we are open before you travel.