Heygates Horse & Pony Nuts -20KG


A non heating high fibre ration based on fresh bran products from the Heygates flour mills fortified with minerals and vitamins. Horse and pony nuts are a safe non heating diet for all horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work.

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Product Description

Heygates Horse & Pony Nuts are made using a blend of traditional raw materials and modern technology resulting in the best possible quality and value for money.
A wide range of raw materials is used so that there are a variety of flavours and nutrients to enhance palatability. The ingredients are carefully chosen and balanced to give a safe non heating feed which is also nutritious.

The Heygates flour mills are on the same site at Bugbrooke as the animal feed mill so fresh bran products are always available. Wheatfeed is the main raw material used in Horse & Pony Nuts because the nutritional value is ideal for horses and it has the lowest transport cost and environmental impact. Bugbrooke Mill is situated on the edge of the main wheat growing area in East Anglia and the wheat is turned into fine bran on site and conveyed fresh to the feed mill. Most of the starch is extracted into the flour leaving a safe non heating feed which is high in digestible fibre with balanced levels of energy and protein.
When the Heygates flour millers make Fine Bran for the Horse and Pony Nuts they also add in the wheatgerm so that your feed is full of natural wheatgerm goodness.

When oats are processed for human consumption some of the fibrous parts of the grain are removed and used in animal feeds. Whole oats are too strong to feed to horses unless they are working hard (rolled oats are used in competition mixes) but oatfeed provides digestible fibre in an ideal non heating form.

Straw is another source of digestible fibre. The straw is treated with an alkaline to improve its digestibility and it helps to make a safe non heating feed which is still nutritious and palatable.